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Beloved/Friend ★★ Amigo/Amado 1999

Everybody wants something (or someone) they can't have. Jaume (Pou) is a middleaged gay college prof who pines for his student David (Selvas), a cold hearted stud who hustles to pay his tuition. In fact, the only way Jaume can get attention from David is to buy his services (although David has something of a father figure complex). Then, Jaume's best friend Pere (Gas) discovers that David has gotten his daughter, Alba (Montala), pregnant. David seems to be a catalyst for a lot of soulsearching but nothing much gets resolved. Spanish with subtitles. 90m/C VHS, DVD . SP Jose Maria Pou, David Selvas, Mario Gas, Irene Montala, Rosa Maria Sarda; D: Ventura Pons; W: Josep Maria Benet i Jornet; C: Jesus Escosa; M: Carles Cases.

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