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bigamyfumy, gloomy, plumy, rheumy, roomie, roomy, spumy •excuse-me • mushroomy • perfumy •Brummie, chummy, crumby, crummy, dummy, gummy, lumme, mummy, plummy, rummy, scrummy, scummy, slummy, tummy, yummy •academy • sodomy • blasphemy •infamy •bigamy, polygamy, trigamy •endogamy, exogamy, heterogamy, homogamy, misogamy, monogamy •hypergamy • alchemy • Ptolemy •anomie • antinomy •agronomy, astronomy, autonomy, bonhomie, Deuteronomy, economy, gastronomy, heteronomy, metonymy, physiognomy, taxonomy •thingummy • Laramie • sesame •blossomy •anatomy, atomy •hysterectomy, mastectomy, tonsillectomy, vasectomy •epitome •dichotomy, lobotomy, tracheotomy, trichotomy •colostomy • bosomy •squirmy, thermae, wormy •taxidermy

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big·a·my / ˈbigəmē/ • n. the act of going through a marriage ceremony while already married to another person. DERIVATIVES: big·a·mist / -mist/ n. big·a·mous / -məs/ adj.

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bigamy XIII. — (O)F. bigamie, f. bigame (whence ME. bigam) — late L. bigamus. f. BI- + Gr. -gamos married.
Hence bigamist XVII, bigamous XIX.

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