Urantia Brotherhood Association

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URANTIA Brotherhood Association

The URANTIA Brotherhood Association was founded in 1989 to continue the work of the URANTIA Brotherhood, founded in 1955. That year people attracted to the teachings of The URANTIA Book, a large volume of channeled material first published in 1955, organized to nurture their learning experience. Over the years the URANTIA Brotherhood formed a number of groups around the country. They operated in harmony with the URANTIA Foundation, the corporation established in 1950 to publish and hold the copyrights and trademarks associated with the book. However, in 1989 the brotherhood and the foundation had an irreconcilable disagreement, and the foundation withdrew the use of the name URANTIA and the associated symbols from the brotherhood. Committed to the book, the brotherhood reorganized as the Fifth Epochal Fellowship. Those students still in relation to the foundation organized a new structure, the URANTIA Brotherhood Association. It may be contacted at 529 W. Wrightwood Ave., Chicago, IL 60614. Website: http://urantiabook.org/.


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