Miller, Ellora Fogle (Mrs. R. DeWitt Miller) (1913-1982)

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Miller, Ellora Fogle (Mrs. R. DeWitt Miller) (1913-1982)

Writer in the fields of publicity and psychical research. She was born June 8, 1913, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and studied at the University of Southern California (M.A., 1945). She was a staff member of the publicity department of Young & Rubicam, Hollywood, California, and national editor of the Baton (the publication of Phi Beta Fraternity) (1953-56), and afterward director of honors for the Phi Beta Fraternity. In 1937 she married R. DeWitt Miller (1910-1958), with whom she collaborated on two books and several articles concerned with psychical research. Ellora Miller died in October 1982.


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. You Do Take It with You. New York: Citadel Press, 1955.

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Miller, Ellora Fogle (Mrs. R. DeWitt Miller) (1913-1982)

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