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Kindred Spirit

Kindred Spirit, a New Age magazine founded in 1987, emerged in the 1990s as the United Kingdom's leading organ expressive of post-New Age spirituality. Subtitled "The UK's Leading Guide for Body Mind & Spirit," Kindred Spirit provides coverage of the broad range of occult and metaphysical topics including parapsychology, spiritual healing, ancient mysteries, meditation, astrology, and Wicca.

Each issue is built around a selection of feature articles that are drawn from the spectrum of reader interest. Those articles are set within a context of standard columns, the most important being the news, letters to the editor, astrology, and editorials. Kindred Spirit is one of a minority of post-New Age periodicals with a strong social consciousness and in both feature articles and editorial writings encourages readers to be socially engaged, especially related to environmentalism, animal protection, and identification with indigenous people.

Like most New Age periodicals, Kindred Spirit features a networking "Resources Directory" that serves the double purpose of informing the readers of all the various options available to them and providing the economic base to the magazine through the advertising revenue it generates. The New Age Movement was initially generated in the United Kingdom, and London remains one of its major centers of activity. The Resources Directory provides coverage of the many groups that hold meetings and classes, studies leading to professional careers, and various merchandise (books, music, art, meditation aids, etc.). Kindred Spirit is issued quarterly. It continues to be edited by its founders, Patricia Yates and Richard Beaumont. During the late 1990s it attained an international circulation throughout the English-speaking world. It is published at Fox-hole, Dartington, Totnes, Devon TQ9 6EB, United Kingdom. Its website is at


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