Kaempffert, Waldemar B(ernhard) (1877-1956)

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Kaempffert, Waldemar B(ernhard) (1877-1956)

Editor and writer associated with pioneer psychical researchers. He was born in New York City on September 23, 1877. He attended the City College of New York (B.S., 1897) and New York University (LL.B., 1903). Kaempffert was a friend of James H. Hyslop and Walter Franklin Prince and believed that psychical research could help people learn more about themselves from physical, psychological, and philosophical viewpoints.

As science editor of the New York Times from 1927 to 1928 and from 1931 to 1956, Kaempffert's favorable reports on the work of J. B. Rhine and other parapsychologists helped to spread public awareness of research in parapsychology and its implications. He died November 27, 1956, in New York.


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