Kaempf, Saul Isaac

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KAEMPF, SAUL ISAAC (1818–1892), rabbi and Orientalist. Kaempf, who was born at Lissa (Leszno), Poznania, was a disciple of Akiva *Eger there. He later studied at the University of Halle where he was a student of *Gesenius. In 1845 he became a preacher in Prague and in 1858 professor of Semitics at the University of Prague. His works include the two-volume Nichtandalusische Poesie andalusischer Dichter aus dem 11., 12. und 13. Jahrhundert (2 vols., 1858), an important pioneering contribution to the study of Hebrew poetry; a biography of R. Akiva Eger with a eulogy at his death (1838); Mamtik Sod (1861), a defense of Z. *Frankel's Darkhei ha-Mishnah against S.R. *Hirsch (1861); popular German translations of the maḥzor (1854) and of the siddur (1874), both following the rite of his temple in Prague (1874); Das Ruehmen Moab's, oderdie Inschrift auf dem Denkmal Mesa's (1870); and collections of sermons and poetry.


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