Iremonger, Lucille (d'Oyen) (ca. 1920-1989?)

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Iremonger, Lucille (d'Oyen) (ca. 1920-1989?)

British novelist, journalist, and broadcaster who was highly regarded for her thoughtful examinations of history, politics, and parapsycology. Born in Jamaica around 1920, Iremonger received her M.A. at Oxford University (1939) with honors. She was awarded the Society of Women Journalists' Lady Britain trophy for the best book of the year in 1948 for It's A Bigger Life and that same year received the Lady Violet Astor trophy for the best article of the year. She was also awarded the Silver Musgrave Medal (Jamaica) for her contributions to literature relating to the West Indies (1962). Occult themes were woven into many of her writings, including West Indian Folk Tales: Anansi Stories (retold for English children; 1956) and The Ghosts of Versailles: Miss Moberly and Miss Jourdain and Their AdventureA Critical Study (1957), an account of an alleged 1901 sighting of Marie Antoinette at Versailles.


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Iremonger, Lucille (d'Oyen) (ca. 1920-1989?)

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