Hunt, H(arry) Ernest (d. 1946)

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Hunt, H(arry) Ernest (d. 1946)

British Spiritualist, lecturer, and author. A tutor at St. Paul's School, London, Hunt resigned to devote his attention to the study of practical psychology. He wrote a number of books. He died January 6, 1946.


Hunt, H. Ernest. A Book of Auto-Suggestion. N.p., 1923.

. Hidden Self and Its Mental Processes. London: W. Rider and Son, 1921.

. Manual of Hypnotism. London: W. Rider, 1917.

. Nerve Control. N.p., 1923.

. Self Training. Philadelphia: D. McKay, 1918.

. Spirit and Music. N.p., 1922.

. Spiritualism For the Enquirer. N.p., 1931.

. Why We Survive. N.p., 1928.

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Hunt, H(arry) Ernest (d. 1946)

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