De Cressac Bachelerie, Bertrande(1899-?)

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De Cressac Bachelerie, Bertrande(1899-?)

French engineer and author who lectured extensively on parapsychology in France, Belgium, Morocco, Algeria, and Italy. De Cressac Bachelerie was born January 2, 1899, at Limoges (Haute-Vienne). He received his B.S. degree in 1916 and an engineering degree in 1922 from l'Ecole Centrale des Arts et Manufactures, Paris. He wrote a number of books and many articles on parapsychology for French, Italian, and Belgian journals.


De Cressac Bachelerie, Bertrande. Démonstrations experimentales de la télépathie (Experimental demonstrations of telepathy). N.p., 1946.

. Etudes sur la télépathie des sensations (Studies on the telepathy 423';of sensations). N.p., 1954.

. Etudes sur la voyance (Studies in clairvoyance). N.p., 1942.

. La Métapsychique devant la science (Parapsychology in relation to science). N.p., 1948.

. Le Miracle, illusion ou réalite (The miracle, illusion or reality). N.p., 1961.

. Mise en évidence de l'effet psychocinétique (Revelation of the psychokinetic effect). N.p., 1960.

De Cressac Bachelerie, Bertrande, and Marige George Chevalier. La Métapsychiqueprobleme crucial (Parapsychology: a crucial problem). N.p., 1960.

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De Cressac Bachelerie, Bertrande(1899-?)

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