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The supposed writings of St. Methodius of Olympus (martyred 311 C.E.); or the saint of the same name who was patriarch of Constantinople and who died in 846. The real name of the work is Bea-Methodius, a contraction for Beatus Methodivo, which was misprinted "Bermechobus." The work is of the nature of a prophetic Apocalypse and tells the history and destiny of the world. It was handed down by the Gnostics and printed in the Mirabilis Liber. There are no grounds, however, to suppose that the writings were the work of either of the saints mentioned.

The book recounts how Seth sought a new country in the east and came to the country of the initiates, and how the children of Cain instituted a system of black magic in India. The author identifies the Ishmaelites with those tribes who over-threw the Roman power and tells of a powerful northern people whose reign will be overturned by the Antichrist. A universal kingdom will thereafter be founded, governed by a prince of French blood, after which a prolonged period of justice will supervene.

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