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Arcana Workshops

The Arcana Workshops, one of the full moon meditation groups operating in Southern California, grew out of the program of the Arcane School and the teachings of Alice Bailey, to which it has added insights from the theosophical Agni Yoga Society. The group promotes full moon meditation as a time for transmitting the spiritual energies of the masters to the world. The group also works to unite the efforts of occult groups in Southern California to celebrate the three spring festivals (Easter, Wesak, and Goodwill) originally suggested by Bailey. Arcana Workshops literature refers to them as the festivals of Aries, Taurus, and Gemini.

The Arcana Workshops also offers correspondence courses, publishes a number of pamphlets, and sends out regular mailings to those on their mailing list. The non-profit organization may be contacted at Box 506, Manhattan Beach, California 90267-0506. Website:


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