Angoff, Allan (1910-1998)

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Angoff, Allan (1910-1998)

Editor and librarian in the field of parapsychology. Angoff was the editor of Tomorrow for the Parapsychology Foundation and a frequent contributor to the Journal of Parapsychology. He was a major advocate of establishing a central parapsychological library.

Born July 30, 1910, in Boston, Massachusetts, he studied at both Boston University and Columbia University. He was a journalist and book critic for Boston Evening Transcript (1934-39) and assistant editor of North American Review (1940-42). Following the bombing of Pearl Harbor, he joined the U.S. Army and served as a staff sergeant (1942-45). After the war he became an associate editor at Creative Age Press (1945-46). He joined the staff of Tomorrow magazine as managing editor in 1946. After five years with the Parapsychology Foundation, he moved on successively to be editor-in-chief of Emerson Books, New York (1951-52); editor-in-chief, New York University Press (1953-57); chairman of Evaluation Committee, Adult School of Montcalm, N.J. (1958-59); readers' adviser at Montclair Public Library (1957-60); and since 1960 assistant director of Fair Lawn (N.J.) Public Library. He also served as book review editor of Tomorrow (1958-62) and as administrative secretary of the Parapsychology Foundation, New York.


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