Angry Harvest

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Angry Harvest ★★★ Bittere Ernte 1985

During the WWII German occupation of Poland, a gentile farmer shelters a young Jewish woman on the run, and a serious, ultimately interdependent relationship forms. Acclaimed; Holland's first film since her native Poland's martial law imposition made her an exile to Sweden. In German with English subtitles. Contains nudity and violence. 102m/C VHS, DVD . GE Armin Mueller-Stahl, Elisabeth Trissenaar, Wojciech Pszoniak, Margit Carstensen, Kurt Raab, Kathe Jaenicke, Hans Beerhenke, Isa Haller; D: Agnieszka Holland; W: Agnieszka Holland. Montreal World Film Fest. '85: Actor (Mueller-Stahl).