Winchell Family

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(founded in America by British immigrant Robert Winchell, who lived in Windsor, Connecticut, from 1635 until his death in 1669). The descendants spread from Connecticut to eastern New York, where the eighth-generation brothers Alexander Winchell (1824–1891) and Newton Horace Winchell (1839–1914) were born in Dutchess County. Alexander married and settled in Michigan. Newton Horace joined his older brother in Michigan, married, and eventually moved to Minnesota. Among the five children of the ninth generation two sons were born: Horace Vaughn Winchell (1865–1923), who married one of Alexander Winchell’s daughters, and Alexander Newton Winchell (1874–1958).

The family is unique in its contributions to geology over four generations. They were leaders in the broad organization of geology as a professional science in America and in the establishment of the first American journal devoted solely to geology. Members have been prominent in education, state and national government, and civic activities.

They have published numerous scientific papers, reports, and books, as well as popular communications, in geology, mineralogy, petrology, mining, mining law, archaeology, ethnology, and religion.


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