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stabilizers Substances that stabilize emulsions of fat and water, e.g. gums, agar, egg albumin, cellulose ethers; used to produce the texture of meringues and marshmallow, lecithin for crumb‐softening in bread and confectionery, glyceryl monostearate and polyoxyethylene stearate for crumb‐softening. Other compounds include superglycerinated fats, propylene glycol alginate and stearate carboxymethyl‐celluloses derivatives, stearyl tartrate, and sorbitan esters of fatty acids. Bread may contain only superglycerinated fats and stearyl tartrate.

See also emulsifying agents.

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sta·bi·liz·er / ˈstābəˌlīzər/ • n. a thing used to keep something steady or stable, in particular: ∎  another term for horizontal stabilizer. ∎  a gyroscopically controlled system used to reduce the rolling of a ship. ∎  a substance that prevents the breakdown of emulsions, esp. in foods and paints. ∎  a financial mechanism that prevents unsettling fluctuation in an economic system.