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vor·tex / ˈvôrˌteks/ • n. (pl. -tex·es or -ti·ces / -təˌsēz/ ) a mass of whirling fluid or air, esp. a whirlpool or whirlwind. ∎ fig. something regarded as a whirling mass: the vortex of existence.DERIVATIVES: vor·ti·cal / ˈvôrtikəl/ adj.vor·ti·cal·ly / ˈvôrtik(ə)lē/ adv.vor·tic·i·ty / vôrˈtisitē/ n.vor·ti·cose / ˈvôrtəˌkōs/ adj.vor·tic·u·lar / vôrˈtikyələr/ adj.


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Vortex ★½ 1981

Punk/film noir style in which a female private eye becomes immersed in corporate paranoia and political corruption. 87m/C VHS . Lydia Lunch, James Russo, Bill Rice, Richard France, Ann Magnuson, Haoui Montaug, Adele Bertei, Bill Landis; D: Scott B, Beth B; W: Scott B, Beth B; C: Steven Fierberg; M: Lydia Lunch, Adele Bertei.


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vortex Eddy or whirlpool observed in fluid motion. Vortices cannot occur in ideal (nonviscous) fluid motion, but they are important in the study of real fluids. In particular, the vortices occurring behind aerofoils are of great interest in aerodynamic design.


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vortex supposed rotation of the cosmic matter XVII; violent eddy XVIII; (fig.). — L. vortex eddy, whirlpool, whirlwind, var. of vertex VERTEX.

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