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eight·een / āˈtēn; ˈāˌtēn/ • cardinal number equivalent to the product of two and nine; one more than seventeen, or eight more than ten; 18. (Roman numeral: xviii or XVIII.) ∎  a set or team of eighteen individuals. ∎  eighteen years old: he was barely eighteen. DERIVATIVES: eight·eenth / āˈtēn[unvoicedth]; ˈāˌtēn[unvoicedth] / ordinal number .

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eighteenAberdeen, Amin, aquamarine, baleen, bean, been, beguine, Benin, between, canteen, careen, Claudine, clean, contravene, convene, cuisine, dean, Dene, e'en, eighteen, fascine, fedayeen, fifteen, figurine, foreseen, fourteen, Francine, gean, gene, glean, gombeen, green, Greene, Halloween, intervene, Janine, Jean, Jeannine, Jolene, Kean, keen, Keene, Ladin, langoustine, latrine, lean, limousine, machine, Maclean, magazine, Malines, margarine, marine, Mascarene, Massine, Maxine, mean, Medellín, mesne, mien, Moline, moreen, mujahedin, Nadine, nankeen, Nazarene, Nene, nineteen, nougatine, obscene, palanquin, peen, poteen, preen, quean, queen, Rabin, Racine, ramin, ravine, routine, Sabine, saltine, sardine, sarin, sateen, scene, screen, seen, serene, seventeen, shagreen, shebeen, sheen, sixteen, spleen, spring-clean, squireen, Steen, submarine, supervene, tambourine, tangerine, teen, terrine, thirteen, transmarine, treen, tureen, Tyrrhene, ultramarine, umpteen, velveteen, wean, ween, Wheen, yean •soybean • buckbean

views updated

Eighteen ★★ 2004

After leaving his dysfunctional family, Pip (Anthony) is living on the streets where his father (Houde) finds him when Pip turns 18. Dad hands his son a tape that his grandfather (McKellen) recorded about his own experiences at 18, which happened while he was a soldier during WWII. The flashbacks are the best part and, despite the “Pip” name, the story has nothing to do with Charles Dickens or “Great Expectations.” 101m/C DVD . CA Paul Anthony, Brendan Fletcher, Carly Pope, Serge Houde, Clarence Sponagle, Thea Gill; D: Richard Bell; W: Richard Bell; C: Kevin Van Niekerk; M: Bramwell Tovey.

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