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us·er / ˈyoōzər/ • n. 1. a person who uses or operates something, esp. a computer or other machine. ∎  a person who takes illegal drugs; a drug user: the drug causes long-term brain damage in users a heroin user. ∎  a person who manipulates others for their own gain: he was a gifted user of other people. 2. Law the continued use or enjoyment of a right.

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userbowser, browser, carouser, dowser, espouser, Mauser, rouser, trouser, wowser •rabble-rouser •composer, discloser, dozer, exposer, Mendoza, mimosa, opposer, ponderosa, poser, proposer, proser, Rosa, Somoza, Spinoza •bulldozer • Tannhäuser •abuser, accuser, boozer, bruiser, chooser, cruiser, diffuser, infuser, lollapalooza, loser, Marcuse, medusa, mezuzah, misuser, peruser, refuser, snoozer, Sousa, user, yakuza •battlecruiser • buzzer

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