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subtype A relationship between data types. Type T1 is a subtype of type T2 if the set of all possible values of T1 is a subset of the set of all possible values of T2. A subtype is obtained by constraining the set of possible values of the data type. The same operations can be applied to subtype as to type; this may demand the introduction of extra rules or checks to ensure that operations deliver results within the subtype.

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subtypegripe, hype, mistype, pipe, ripe, sipe, slype, snipe, stripe, swipe, tripe, type, wipe •guttersnipe • bagpipe • standpipe •tailpipe • drainpipe • pitchpipe •windpipe • hornpipe • blowpipe •stovepipe • hosepipe • soilpipe •pinstripe • archetype • logotype •phenotype • linotype • Monotype •electrotype • daguerreotype •subtype • stereotype • collotype •genotype, stenotype •prototype • sideswipe