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stag·ing / ˈstājing/ • n. 1. an instance or method of presenting a play or other dramatic performance: one of the better stagings of this Shakesperean classic the quality of staging and design. ∎  an instance of organizing a public event or protest: the fourteenth staging of the championships. 2. a stage or set of stages or temporary platforms arranged as a support for performers or between different levels of scaffolding. 3. Med. diagnosis or classification of the particular stage reached by a progressive disease. 4. the arrangement of stages in a rocket or spacecraft. ∎  the separation and jettisoning of a stage from the remainder of a rocket when its propellant is spent.

views updated

staging A form of spooling associated with the use of magnetic tape. The contents of a tape that is to be operated upon by a process may be staged onto magnetic disk. In this form, tape-winding time is virtually eliminated since it is possible to locate a particular part of the “tape” much more rapidly if it is entirely held on disk.

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stagingstrafing, understaffing •debriefing • spiffing • offing •morphing • roofing • stuffing •lagging, unflagging •legging •digging, rigging, wigging •Vereeniging •frogging, nogging •mugging • turbocharging • edging •aging, engaging, staging •unchanging • unchallenging •managing • discouraging • cottaging •obliging • lodging • ungrudging •urging

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