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sequel •Ethel • lethal • brothel • betrothal •Cavell, cavil, gavel, gravel, ravel, travel •Havel, larval, marvel, Marvell, rondavel •bedevil, bevel, devil, dishevel, kevel, level, revel, split-level •daredevil • she-devil • eye level •naval, navel •coeval, evil, Khedival, medieval, primeval, retrieval, shrieval, upheaval •civil, drivel, shrivel, snivel, swivel •carnival • Percival • perspectival •festival • aestival (US estival) •adjectival, arrival, deprival, genitival, imperatival, infinitival, outrival, relatival, revival, rival, substantival, survival •archival •grovel, hovel, novel •oval •approval, removal •Lovell, shovel •interval • serval • narwhal •coequal, equal, prequel, sequel •bilingual, lingual, monolingual, multilingual •rorqual • Hywel •Daniel, spaniel

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se·quel / ˈsēkwəl/ • n. a published, broadcast, or recorded work that continues the story or develops the theme of an earlier one. ∎  something that takes place after or as a result of an earlier event: this encouragement to grow potatoes had a disastrous sequel some fifty years later.

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SEQUEL A database query language, precursor of SQL.

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a train of followers, 1420; a suite, 1572, a logical consequence; descendants.

Examples : sequel of hangers-on, 1552; of descendants 1572; of followers, 1420; of heirs and sequels, 1533; a sequel and route of worldly and gallant servants, 1491; of songs and rhapsodies, 1713.

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