axonometric projection

views updated May 21 2018

axonometric projection. Geometrical drawing of a work of architecture. Its plan is produced to scale, but moved round at an angle of 60° and 30° to the normal axis (or set at 45°, whichever is convenient or creates the best impression). The vertical lines are then also projected from the plan to scale, thus the only parts distorted and not to scale are any curves and diagonals. This is useful to give an idea of the three-dimensional form of a building, more or less to scale, and can be exploded to show the interior, etc.


Fraser Reekie (1946)

axonometric projection

views updated May 18 2018

axonometric projection A projection where the view plane is perpendicular to the direction of projection and the major axes of the object do not coincide with the direction of projection.