Yeẓiv Pitgam

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YEẒIV PITGAM (Heb. יְצִיב פִּתְגָּם; "true and strong is the proverb"), name of a reshut in Aramaic for the morning service of the second day of *Shavuot. It is found in the Ashkenazi ritual only, and is recited after the reading of the first verse of the haftarah. Yeẓiv Pitgam is similar in theme and style to the Aramaic hymn *Akdamut, which is recited on the first day of Shavuot. It describes the majesty of the Divine revelation at Mount Sinai and concludes with a prayer for Divine grace and protection for the keepers of the Torah. Yeẓiv Pitgam consists of 15 verses, the initial letters forming acrostically the author's name: Jacob b. R. Meir Levi. Some authorities identify the author with Jacob b. Meir (of Orleans), the grandson of Rashi.


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