Wolfhard of Verona, St.

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Camaldolese recluse; b. Augsburg, Germany; d. Verona, Italy, April 30, 1127. The account of his life has to be based on a contemporary but chiefly legendary vita. Wolfhard (called also Gualfard) trained as a saddlemaker in Augsburg, and already known for his piety, went to Verona as a journeyman in 1097 and worked at his trade. He soon decided to retire from the world, and he lived for 20 years as a recluse in a forest on the Adige River. He was prevailed upon by admirers of his piety and miracles to return to Verona. He entered the camaldolese monastery of San Salvatore as a recluse and died there. In 1507 the brotherhood of saddlers chose him as their patron and erected an altar in his honor in the church of San Salvatore. In 1602 some of his relics were taken to Augsburg where they are preserved in the church of St. Sebastian. The feast of October 27 commemorates this translation of his relics.

Feast: April 30 (Camaldolese); May 11 (Verona); Oct. 27 (Augsburg).

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