William of Peter of Godin

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French Dominican theologian; b. Bayonne c. 1260; d. Avignon, June 14, 1326. After entering the order at a very early age at Bayonne, he dedicated himself to: study philosophy at Beziers (127981), lector in various studia naturalium (128184), study theology at Montpellier (128487), lector in theology at various studia (128792), then higher studies at the University of Paris (129298), where he became bachelor in theology. He was provincial of Provence from July 21, 1301, until the division of the province, when he became provincial of the new province of Toulouse September 28, 1303. When relieved of this obligation, he was sent to Paris to obtain his doctorate and to teach in the Dominican chair for foreigners (130406). He was called by Clement V to be lector of the Sacred Palace at Avignon (130612), and was involved in great controversies of the time concerning Bernard Délicieux (1303), peter john olivi, the spirituals of Provence (131011), and ubertino of casale. He was created cardinal of Saint-Cecilia by Clement V in December 1312, and made cardinal bishop of Santa Sabina by John XXII December 12, 1317. His major work, Lectura Thomasina (129698), is a commentary on the Sentences that incorporates the fundamental doctrines and texts of St. thomas aquinas. He probably wrote De causa immediata ecclesiasticae potestatis, published under the name of peter of la palu (Paris 1506).

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William of Peter of Godin

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