Wendland, Paul

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WENDLAND, PAUL (1864–1915), German classical scholar. Wendland was professor at the universities of Kiel, Breslau, and Goettingen. His main field of study was the religious beliefs of the classical world and their relations to Judaism and early Christianity (Die Hellenistisch-roemische Kultur in ihren Beziehungen zu Judentum und Christentum (19122). He also edited the Greek text of the Letter of Aristeas (Aristeae ad Philocratem epistula …, 1900), as well as some writings by Philo (Neu entdeckte Fragmente Philos …, 1891). He wrote the following works on Philo: Philo's Schrift ueber die Vorsehung (1892) and Philo und die kynisch-stoische Diatribe (1895).

[David Flusser]