Wala, St.

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Statesman, Benedictine abbot; b. c. 755; d. Bobbio, Italy, Aug. 31, 836. Wala, a member of a Carolingian family, was the brother of Abbot adalard and of (St.) ida of herzfeld. He was educated at the palace school. He served under charlemagne and for a time under Louis the Pious, and then entered the Abbey of corbie, where he held various offices. He later (c. 815) helped in the foundation of corvey and Herford. Wala accompanied lothair i to Rome (822825). He was made abbot of Corbie in 826 and worked to restore monastic discipline. Because of his opposition to the Empress Judith, he was exiled (830833); but gregory iv asked him to help resolve the discord in the imperial family shortly thereafter. The Epitaphium Arsenii seu vita Walae, probably by paschasius radbertus, shows the difficult political role Wala had to play in these family crises. Wala was abbot of Bobbio when he died.

Feast: Aug. 31.

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