Waking Up in Reno

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Waking Up in Reno ★½ 2002 (R)

Redneck road pic where romancegoes awry for two couples on the way to amonster truck show in Nevada. Ringleaderis Little Rock car dealer Lonnie Earl(Thornton), who fools around on his wife-Darlene (Richardson) with the aptlynamed Candy (Theron) under the nose ofhis best friend and Candy's husband Roy(Swayze). Candy, who desperately wantsto get pregnant, is always fooling aroundin the back seat with Roy while Lonnieenters a steak eating contest. Cruz appears as a hooker Roy meets in a sleazyhotel bar. Flimsy setup gives way to thedisappointing payoff, and you soon realizeits all over but the shouting. 100m/C VHS,DVD . US Billy Bob Thornton, Charlize Theron, Patrick Swayze, Natasha Richardson, Holmes Osborne, Chelcie Ross, Brent Briscoe, Wayne Federman, Penelope Cruz, Mark Fauser; Cameos: Tony-Orlando; D: Jordan Brady; W: Brent Briscoe, Mark-Fauser; C: William A. Fraker; M: Marty Stuart.