Wahrmann, Abraham David ben Asher Anschel

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WAHRMANN, ABRAHAM DAVID BEN ASHER ANSCHEL (c. 1771–1840), ḥasidic rabbi. Born in Nadvornaya, Ukraine, Wahrmann was a disciple of *Levi Isaac of Berdichev and *Moses Leib of Sasov. He served as rabbi in Jazlowce (Jazlowice) from 1791, and when his father-in-law Ẓevi Hirsch Kro, author of Neta Sha'ashu'im (1829) and av bet din in Buchach, died in 1814, Abraham was appointed to his position. While living in Buchach, he began to behave like a ẓaddik, prayed according to nusaḥ Sefarad, and prolonged the morning prayer to noon. Scholars in the town opposed him, but many gathered round him to enjoy his teachings and blessings. He trained many disciples and wrote the following important halakhic and ḥasidic works: Da'at Kedoshim, in three parts (part one 1871); Maḥazeh Avraham (1876); Tefillah le-David (1876); Divrei Avot (1879); Eshel Avraham (1931); and Divrei David (1892).


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