Waikiki Wedding

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Waikiki Wedding ★★★ 1937

Enjoyable musical about a scheming pineapple promoter (Crosby) who meets the woman of his dreams in a contest he concocted. Contest winner Ross dislikes Hawaii and wants to go home and Crosby must keep her from going…first for business reasons and later, for love. Supporting cast includes Hawaiian Prince Leilani and a pig. Lots of song and dance and Hawaiian sunsets, along with Burns and Raye, the other couple destined for love on the islands, keep the story moving. ♫Sweet Leilani; Sweet Is the Word for You; In a Little Hula Heaven; Blue Hawaii; Okolehao; Nani Ona Pua. 89m/B VHS, DVD . Bing Crosby, Bob Burns, Martha Raye, Shirley Ross, George Barbier, Leif Erickson, Grady Sutton, Granville Bates, Anthony Quinn; D: Frank Tuttle; W: Frank Butler, Don Hartman, Walter DeLeon, Francis Martin; C: Karl Struss; M: Leo Robin, Ralph Rainger. Oscars ‘37: Song (“Sweet Leilani”).