Urban III, Pope

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Pontificate: Nov. 25, 1185 to Oct. 20, 1187; b. Uberto Crivelli, Milan; d. Ferrara. Urban, the former archbishop of Milan, was the unanimous choice of the cardinals gathered at Verona, but he was unable to enter Rome. In the Curia prior to his election, he had been one of the staunchest foes of the emperor frederick barbarossa. As pope he opposed Frederick's attempt to secure imperial coronation for his son, Henry, while the Emperor was still alive, and he was disturbed by Henry's coronation as King of Germany on Jan. 27, 1186. From Lucius III Urban had inherited the dispute over the Tuscan lands of the Countess Matilda (see matilda of tuscany), long claimed by the Emperor. The disputed election of a new archbishop of Trier aggravated relations between pope and emperor when Urban consecrated one of the contenders despite his promise to Frederick. These disagreements culminated in an invasion of Italy and the siege of the pope and Curia at Verona. Meanwhile, Barbarossa gained substantial support from the German bishops. Frustrated by the cautious Veronese in his attempts to excommunicate the emperor, Urban left for Venice. He died en route at Ferrara.

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