Ullmann, Salomon

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ULLMANN, SALOMON (1806–1865), French rabbi. Ullmann, who was born in Zabern (Saverne; Lower Alsace), first studied in Strasbourg, and then at the Ecole Centrale Rabbinique in Metz, where he was the first to receive the diploma of grand rabbin (1832). He officiated as rabbi in Lauterbourg (Lower Alsace) from 1834, and in Nancy (Lorraine) from 1844. In 1853 he succeeded Marchand Ennery as grand rabbin of France. One of his major achievements was the organization of the Central Conference of the Grands Rabbins of France, the first of its kind, over which he presided in Paris in May 1856. The conference resolved on a number of practical measures, including the introduction of the organ in synagogues.


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