Ubiarco Robles, Tranquilino, St.

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Martyr, priest; b. July 8, 1899, Zapotlán el Grande, Jalisco, Diocese of Ciudad Guzmán, Mexico; d. Oct. 5, 1928, Guadalajara. During the Carrancista Revolution his seminary was closed and its buildings seized, but Tranquilino continued his studies in private while undertaking pastoral work. In 1920, at the invitation of the bishop, he went to Sinaloa, but returned when the bishop died soon after his arrival. He resumed his studies at Guadalajara's seminary and was ordained (August 1923). Thereafter Tranquilino taught catechism in study circles and founded a Christian newspaper. At the height of the persecution, he was named pastor of Tepatitlán's parish (Diocese of San Juan de los Lagos). For 15 months he ministered in private homes and established a public feeding center. While preparing to celebrate a nuptial Mass in a private home in Guadalajara on Oct. 5, 1928, soldiers arrived to arrest him. He was sentenced to death by hanging on the outskirts of the city. Tranquilino's mortal remains were transferred to the parish church. He was both beatified (Nov. 22, 1992) and canonized (May 21, 2000) with Cristobal magallanes by Pope John Paul II.

Feast: May 25 (Mexico).

See Also: mexico, modern; guadalajara (mexico), martyrs of, ss.

Bibliography: j. cardoso, Los mártires mexicanos (Mexico City 1953). j. dÍaz estrella, El movimiento cristero: sociedad y conflicto en los Altos de Jalisco (México, D.F. 1979).

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