Tennenbaum (Tannenbaum), Jacob

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TENNENBAUM (Tannenbaum ), JACOB (1832–1897), Hungarian rabbi. Born in Szendrö, Tennenbaum served in several important communities: Tallya (1858–69), Mezöcsat (1869–73), and Putnok (1873–79). He was the author of Naharei Afarsemon (2 vols., 1898–1911), comprising responsa, novellae on talmudic topics and on tractate *Beẓah, and of Shemen Afarsemon (1899), on the *Pentateuch. He was one of the main pillars of Hungarian Orthodoxy, for which he fought strenuously. He conducted a large yeshivah and educated a generation of important scholars. His son meir served as rabbi in Fülek (Filakovo) and Torna (Turna), and on his father's death succeeded him as rabbi of Putnok, where he died in 1928. Meir published the books of his grandfather, Ze'ev Wolf Tennenbaum, Ayyelet ha-Shaḥar (1876), on the Book of Esther, with his own additions. He was the author of the Imrei Me'ir (1929), sermons. Meir's son menahem was also rabbi of Fülek and Torna.


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[Naphtali Ben-Menahem]

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Tennenbaum (Tannenbaum), Jacob

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