Tartakover, Savielly Grigoryevich

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TARTAKOVER, SAVIELLY GRIGORYEVICH (1887–1956), chess master. Born in Rostov-on-Don, Russia, Tartakover, a lawyer, spent most of his life as a chess player, living in France. In World War ii he served in the Free French Forces. After the war he represented France in chess tournaments. He was an original and creative player. Tartakover attained master rank at Nuremberg in 1906 and established himself as an experimentalist of genius. He became associated with Nimzovitch, Breyer, Reti, and Alekhine in the development of modern subtleties of strategy. Tartakover won several prizes before World War i, but most of his tournament successes were achieved between the world wars. After World War ii he won at Venice, Hastings, Beveryk, and other places. He contributed to opening theory, to endgame techniques, and created many fine combinations. A very witty and cultured man, Tartakover is renowned for his epigrams, one of which is: The mistakes are all there, waiting to be made.

He wrote several books on chess, the best known being Die Hypermoderne Schachpartie (1924), Schachmethodik (1928), 500 Master Games of Chess (with J. Du Mont, 1952), My Best Games of Chess 19051930 (1953), and My Best Games of Chess, 19311954 (1956).

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