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TARBIZ , Hebrew quarterly for Judaic studies; published since 1930 by the Hebrew University, Jerusalem. Tarbiz' founder and first editor was J.N. *Epstein (1930–52), who was assisted by E.Z. *Melamed, under whom articles in the general humanities were also accepted. Epstein's successor was Ḥ. *Schirmann (1954–69), who edited the quarterly with the assistance of E.J. Goleh (Fleischer), J. Heinemann, and I. Yeivin. From 1970 the editorship was taken over by E.E. *Urbach, assisted by Goleh. Subsequent editors were J. Dan, M. Haran, and M.D. Herr (1982–86); M. Idel, D. Rosenthal, and J. Yahalom (1987–91); W.Z. Harvey, Y. Kaplan, and I.M. Ta-Shma (1992–96); M. Ben-Sasson, M. Kahana, and C. Turniansky (1997–2001).

Several larger monographs appeared as supplementary volumes to Tarbiz, e.g., S. Assaf, Sefer ha-Shetarot le-Rav Hai Ga'on (1930); J.N. Epstein, Perush R. Yehudah b. Nathan li-Ketubbot (1933); and S. Lieberman, Talmudah shel Kisrin (1931).

[Baruch Yaron]