Tarawneh, Fayiz Al- (1949–)

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Jordanian political figure born in 1949 in Amman. Al-Tarawneh was the son of Ahmad al-Tarawneh, who held a number of ministerial posts in Jordanian governments. Educated in the United States, with a degree in economics, al-Tarawneh became assistant to the chief of protocol at the Jordanian royal court in 1971. Between 1980 and 1984, he was secretary to the prime minister, then became advisor for economic affairs. In January 1988, he was named minister for presidential affairs of the Jordanian council. In December of that year he became supply minister, a post that he kept until the fall of the Rifaʿi government in April 1989. After concentrating on business affairs for a few years, al-Tarawneh was named Jordanian ambassador to the United States in December 1992. In this capacity, he participated in Israeli-Jordanian peace negotiations and in multilateral consultations on the Israeli-Arab peace process, becoming one of the main crafters of the Israeli-Jordanian peace treaty of 1994. On 19 March 1997, al-Tarawneh was named foreign minister in the government of Abd al-Salam Majali. On 17 February 1998, during a reshuffling of the cabinet, he was appointed chief of the royal court of King Hussein. On 19 August he was named prime minister, replacing Majali, three days after Hussein delegated the regency to Prince Hassan. On 1 March 1999, three days after the accession of King Abdallah II ibn Hussein, al-Tarawneh resigned, replaced by Abd al-Rawuf al-Rawabdeh. In January 2000, he was again appointed chief of the royal court, replacing Abdul Karim Kabariti. In 2004 he was relieved of this post and appointed by the king to the Jordanian Senate.

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