Szer, Seweryn

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SZER, SEWERYN (1902–1968), Polish jurist. Born in Warsaw, Szer was a lawyer and a senior official in the public notary's office. He went into hiding during the Nazi occupation and in 1944 worked in the legal department of the Polish Committee for National Liberation. Later he became head of the civil law department in the ministry of justice. He worked for the unification and codification of Polish civil law and was the author of works on family law. He also wrote the general part of a lexicon of civil law.

In 1947 Szer was appointed professor of civil law at the Warsaw Academy of Political Science. He became professor of law at Warsaw University in 1949 and then served as a High Court Judge until 1955. In 1956 he headed the civil law department at the Polish Academy of Sciences. An outstanding jurist, he left writings covering all branches of civil law, including succession, property, and private international law.

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