Sussman, Ezra

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SUSSMAN, EZRA (1900–1973), Hebrew poet and translator. Born in Odessa, Sussman emigrated to Ereẓ Israel in 1922. He began writing poetry and prose in Russian, in a monthly that his father edited in Odessa. In Palestine, he was a regular contributor to Davar from its founding, and there published poems, both in original and translation, as well as drama criticism, and became a member of the editorial board. He translated Voltaire's Candide (1946), the selected poetry of Boris Pasternak, Mivḥar Shirim (1961), and poems by Anna Akhmatova. With S. Grodzensky he edited the periodical Akhsanyah (1956). Among his books are Shirim (1968), Yalkut Shirim (with a bibliography, 1984), and the posthumously published collection Ḥaẓot ve-Neẓaḥ (1998). A volume of translations appeared in 1985, preceded by a collection of theater reviews, Aḥarei Bekhorah (1981).

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