Spiegel, Nathan

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SPIEGEL, NATHAN (1905–1995), scholar of Jewish studies. Born in New York, Spiegel grew up in Galicia, Moravia, and the Ukraine. He received his doctorate in 1931 from the University of Lvov in classical studies and ancient philosophy. After World War ii he was a high school teacher in Poland and from 1952 the rector of a Warsaw institute of education. He immigrated to Israel in 1957 where he was director of a special library at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. In 1965 he began to teach at Ben-Gurion University and served as head of the department of general studies. Among his works are books on leading figures of the Greek and Hellenic world, such as Socrates, Aristotle, Homer, and Seneca, as well as on trends and schools of thought in the Greek world. Spiegel received the 1990 Israel Prize for Jewish Studies.

[Fern Lee Seckbach]