Sibert of Beka

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Carmelite theologian; b. Beka, Gelderland (lower Rhineland); d. Cologne, Germany, Dec. 29, 1332. He entered the Carmelites at Cologne, c. 1280. Instrumental in founding the Carmelite house in Geldern (1300), he was prior there (131215) and then at Cologne (131517). He became a master in theology at the University of Paris (c. 131617), where he was regent of theology (131820). He served as provincial prior of Germany (1317; 132732), and of lower Germany (131827). While at the Curia in avignon, he had the bull Super cathedram extended to the Carmelites, granting them the privileges of preaching and hearing confessions (1326). He was head of the commission investigating the complaint of the archbishop of Cologne against Meister eckhart (1327). Active in the struggle between Pope john xxii and Emperor Louis IV the Bavarian, he composed a tract refuting the six errors of the Defensor pacis of marsilius of padua (132627). Other writings (mostly unedited) included an ordinal (c. 1312) adopted by the Carmelite general chapter in 1315 and in use for 200 years, Considerationes super regulam ordinis Carmelitarum, Summa censurarum novi juris, Bullarium ordinis sine privilegia Carmelitarum, two Quodlibeta, Commentarius in sententias, and Annotatio capitulorum generalium. Sibert's thought is, in general, traditional, often following thomas aquinas's, but more often similar to that of god frey of fontaines, whose influence may possibly have been transferred to Sibert through Guy Terrena of Perignan.

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