Seti I

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SETI I (Menma ʿrē-Sety ; c. 1303–1290 b.c.e.), Egyptian pharaoh. The second ruler of his line, Seti may be regarded as the real founder of the Nineteenth Dynasty (c. 1304–1195 b.c.e.). Under his direction Egypt reasserted her control over Palestine, the Lebanon region, and southern Syria, which had been lost in the chaotic years of the later Amarna period. The new Egyptian Asiatic empire which he founded, unlike the earlier one (which in fact was no more than a "sphere of influence"), was based upon the permanent military occupation of these regions. In addition to his many monuments in the north of Egypt, a small temple which he built near Timna in the Arabah was discovered in 1969 at the site erroneously believed to have been King Solomon's Mines.


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Seti I

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