Setif Revolt (1945)

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One of the most violent incidents in the history of French colonialism in Algeria.

The May 1945 revolt in the city of Setif, Algeria, was caused by the deportation proceedings of Messali Hadj, the rising expectations for reform, and the agitations of nationalists. After the start of a parade celebrating Europe's victory over fascism, Muslims demonstrated carrying nationalist placards. This provoked the police, leading to rioting and the deaths of 103 Europeans. French retribution probably caused between 5,000 and 10,000 Muslim deaths (although some contend that the fatalities were in the tens of thousands).

This event convinced many younger nationalists that violence was the only recourse to French colonialism as disclosed by the 1947 formation of the Organisation Spéciale (OS) and in 1954 the Front de Libération Nationale (FLN).

see also front de libÉration nationale (fln); hadj, messali al-.

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Setif Revolt (1945)

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