Rubin, Morton Joseph

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RUBIN, MORTON JOSEPH (1917–1972), U.S. meteorologist. Born in Philadelphia, Rubin was supervising meteorologist of Pan American Airlines (1942–49) before joining the Federal Weather Bureau. In 1952 he was one of the heads of a project for weather forecast charts of the southern hemisphere and did research on circulation in that area. During the Third International Geophysical Year (1955), Rubin was appointed to the Antarctic Weather Research Center and was entrusted with the development of analysis methods for its project. During 1957–59, he was special assistant to Harry Wexler, and liaison meteorologist with the Soviet Mirnyy station in the Antarctic on problems concerning research into and analysis of the upper strata of the atmosphere. Rubin later directed the polar meteorology research project of the Federal Weather Bureau (1959–62) and combined research projects on meteorological, oceanographical and glaciological problems of the Antarctic. From 1965 he was a senior scientist in the Environmental Science Services Administration (essa) and shared responsibility for research planning.

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