Roskoványi, Augustus

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Bishop; b. Szenna, Hungary, Dec. 7, 1807; d. Feb. 24, 1892. He was ordained in 1831 after studies at the college of the Piarists at Kis-Szeben (181722), and at Eger (182224), and his theological studies at Pesth and the Augustineum in Vienna. In 1839 he received the Abbey of Saar as a benefice and in 1841 was appointed rector of the seminary at Eger. He was consecrated auxiliary bishop in 1847 and named bishop of Waitsen in 1851. In 1859 he was named bishop of Neutra. His works are noted for the documents they contain. Among his more notable works are De primatu Romani Pontificis eiusque iuribus (Augsburg 1839; 2d ed. Agram 1841); De matrimoniis mixtis (5 v. Funfkirchen 1842; Pesth 1854, 187071); De matrimoniis in ecclesia Catholica (2 v. Augsburg 183740); Monumenta catholica pro independentia potestatis ecclesiasticae ab imperio civili (14 v. Funfkirchen 1847; Pesth 1856, 1865, 187071); Coelibatus, et breviarium: duo gravissima clericorum officia (11 v. Pesth 1861; Neutra 187781); Romanus Pontifex tamquam primas ecclesiae (16 v. Neutra and Comaromii 1867, 1878); Beata Virgo Maria in suo conceptu immaculata (12 v. Budapest 187374; Neutra 1877).

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