Rosko, Emily 1979-

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Rosko, Emily 1979-


Born 1979, in PA. Education: Graduate of Purdue University; Cornell University, M.F.A.


Poet and writer.


Stegner fellow at Stanford University; Jacob K. Javits fellow; Ruth Lilly Poetry Fellowship, 2002; AWP Award, Association of Writers & Writing Programs, 2003; Iowa Poetry Prize, 2005, for Raw Goods Inventory.


Raw Goods Inventory (poetry), University of Iowa Press (Iowa City, IA), 2006.

Contributor to periodicals, including the Notre Dame Review, Hubbub, Pleiades, Cimarron Review, Phoebe, Beloit Poetry Journal, and Denver Quarterly.


Emily Rosko is a poet who, in her first collection titled Raw Goods Inventory, "has created a palpable world of poems full of the bereft, the lonely, and the baffled," as noted by Alice Fulton on the Bibliovault Web site. In her poems, the author writes about a wide range of human emotions from anxiety and awkwardness to boredom. Sycamore Review contributor Brian Dunn noted that the author also includes humor in her poems and political "ideas that creep slowly into the poem rather than being thrown at us suddenly." The poems are divided into four sections titled "Clearing the Yard," "Tongues of," "Hanging Out the Wash," and "Spare." In addition to winning the Iowa Poetry Prize, the author's first collection has received widespread praise from reviewers. Dunn commented that the collection contains some "great poems from a young poet." Reviewers also noted the surprising rawness of Rosko's poems. For example, Octopus Magazine contributor Kathleen Rooney commented: "The book itself resembles a well-built house, with each room mindfully blueprinted and assembled accordingly." Rooney, however, then went on to write that the "poems remain raw because, while they are not unfinished or unsatisfying, neither are they overdone."



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