Religious Brothers Conference

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Founded as the National Assembly of Religious Brothers in 1971. The name was changed to the National Association of Religious Brothers in 1996, and the present name in 2000. The Religious Brothers Conference is the only organization in the American Church designed specifically to be of service to religious brothers. The organization is composed of individual memberships from brothers throughout the U.S. and from other parts of the world. The Conference is directed by a national board and elected office. An executive Secretary conducts the daily business of a national office.

Brothers' Voice, a newsletter of the Conference is published five times a year for its members. An annual national meeting is sponsored in different parts of the U.S. The organization seeks to project a strong national image for the religious brother, and maintains a close working relationship with every Catholic organization.

In relation to the needs of the Church and the needs of religious brothers for their continued growth in their religious life and their service to the Church, the Conference seeks to encourage the development of the spiritual life of all brothers; to promote increased awareness among brothers of their ministerial power for good; to publicize the unique vocation of brothers; to provide a means for brothers to help shape the direction of their religious life; to heighten brothers' concerns with and involvement in the needs of the Church and society; and to improve communication among brothers and to provide liaison with the various organizations of the Catholic Church. The headquarters of the Conference is in Chicago, Ill.

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Religious Brothers Conference

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