Power, Edmund

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Biblical scholar; b. Herbertstown, County Limerick, Ireland, March 2, 1878; d. Dublin, Ireland, Aug. 3, 1953. After his early education with the Christian Brothers in Limerick, he studied philosophy at Thurles and Maynooth (189396) and entered the Society of Jesus (Oct. 1, 1896). After his novitiate, he studied classical languages at the Royal University, Dublin, and Oriental languages at the University of St. Joseph, Beirut, where he received the doctorate (1906). He then completed his studies in philosophy at Valkenburg, Netherlands (190709), and in theology at Hastings, England (190913). After his ordination, he was appointed professor of Arabic and Syriac at the pontifical biblical institute. During his long residence there (191438), in certain years he also taught biblical geography and archeology. From 1938 to 1953 he was professor of Sacred Scripture at Milltown Park, Dublin. He contributed many articles on biblical topics to Biblica (of which he was the editor 192631), Verbum Domini, Catholic Commentary on Holy Scripture, and Dictionnaire de la Bible, Supplément, v. 13.

Bibliography: e. vogt and p. nober, Biblica 35 (1954) 122126, with complete list of his writings.

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