Poltzmacher, Johann

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Canonist. He first appears in 1436 as a doctor juris regens in Vienna, where he was dean of the faculty of law intermittently for six terms between 1436 and 1447. He fulfilled various political and diplomatic roles, such as legate to the Diet of Presburg and agent of Albert II. He produced one of the few canonical commentaries to emanate from the University of Vienna, Lectura magistri Johannis Poltzmacher, ordinarii juris canonici in generali studio Viennisi, Pataviensis, pro annis 1439 et 1442 secundum Cardinalem et Panormitanum. This work was based on the works of Zabarella and Panormitanus.

Bibliography: f. rubod, Dictionnaire de droit canonique 7:17.

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